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Michael Stringer talks about his on-trade predictions for 2013

So here it is, the end of what I think has been one of the most progressive years for the cocktail industry since my career started. We have seen a boost in molecular mixology, private hire bartenders and the gin revival. There are a few things which I have seen progressively emerge in the past few months which I predict will be a huge hit in 2013.

The main thing I have seen is, what I call, the ‘anti-blah backlash’. A disturbing amount of high-end drinking establishments seem to have taken away the idea that drinking is fun. I think 2013 will see a much healthier display of bartenders having fun, serving up quicker and quirkier drinks in a much less ‘broom up the backside’ style. We are in a fun industry so let’s act like it!

‘Meat Bars’ also seem to be taking over the UK. Gone are the days when a little bowl of salted peanuts and bag of cheddar and onion crisps were enough to satisfy the appetite of a discerning cocktalian, but bars are serving up not just bacon infused martini drinks, but have a huge range of steaks on offer along side your Old Fashioned and Martinez.

The promotion of bartenders and their bars also seems to be a popular transition into the year 2013. With media websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, it has never been easier for mixologists to upload videos and images f them strutting their stuff behind the bar, and for potential clientele to see what their bar experience will be like before heading out.

 Also keep a look out for many more barrel aged cocktails, carbonated drinks, the next stage of molecular mixology, ‘culinary cocktails’ and skinny cocktails!

There you have it, my predictions for 2013.

*Predictions do not necessarily mean I am right, please blame Mystic Megs crystal ball!

Author Details:
Michael Stringer

With 8 years industry experience and now working as the creative director at Hire The Barman in London, Michael is tasked with creating bespoke cocktail serves on a daily basis for some of the worlds biggest brand names.

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